All classically trained in the art of barbering, no fluff here just great conversation with even better barbering!



Barbering completely transformed my life! After I left the military I had no idea what to do with my new civilian life...that is when I did what I always wanted to do, become a barber. I am passionate about my craft, you'll see it in the work I produce. Providing the classic barbershop atmosphere is important to me.



After years in the medical field, I followed my urge to learn the art of barbering. Ever since my decision I have found happiness in a fulfilling career. Adding style and confidence to someone is truly rewarding. I also am a barber instructor helping others learn the skills to pursue a career in the art of barbering.



I proudly served 6 years in the Marine Corp. After my service I found myself working in a field I didn't have passion for, that was when I decided something had to change. I began barber school and never looked back! I love my craft, and have found the passion I was searching for. When I am not behind the chair, I am a full time business student, and enjoy time with my wife and kids!