Let's talk haircuts...the fade.

Often times men sit down in our chairs unsure of what to ask for. We hope to explain some “barber speak” to our clients and make the shop experience easier!

At the most basic level there are 3 main types of fades, the low fade, medium (mid) fade, and high fade.

Men’s hairstyles now explains; “In short, the high fade haircut for men is an extreme, noticeable look. It begins high up on the head and the hair tapers faster towards the neck. In contrast, the low fade is a subtle effect that takes place only at the edges. The taper is barely noticeable in some low fade haircuts for men.”

Allow us to break this down. For example a client wants a medium fade going from a number 1 to a number 3. The medium fade usually starts near the bottom of the temple, so from the bottom of the hair (the neck line) up to the bottom of the temple will be a number 1, after that step we gradually “fade” the hair to the longer length, in this case a number 3. A great fade results in a smooth clean look from top to bottom!

The low fade starts just above the ear, and the high fade starts around the top of the temple. If unsure of what fade to get, we recommend starting with the mid fade, from there you can decide if you’d like to go lower or higher on your next visit.

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