Lets talk haircuts...the classic side part.

The most classic cut we are all familiar with is the side part. This is that timeless cut we’ve all seen in the photos of our grandparents and beyond. Longer hair on top, tapered sides, parted on the side.

There is nothing more classic in barbering. This is the cut you can see across all demographics, ages, and even genders. It is a simple style to get you out the door without adding more time to your grooming routine.

In the shop we often get asked for a “comb over” which is more geared to the balding man to hide hair loss. Although most barbers will know what you mean once they see you aren’t balding. Here is some barber jargon that may help you get exactly the cut you want.

To get a classic cut like the side part or comb over haircut, tell your barber you'd like to start parting your hair on one side. You can ask for a comb over fade ( where the sides are tapered very short and the hair on top is long) or you can go for a more conservative, business look and ask for short sides and a longer top.

This style is easily manipulated for many looks, you can be business all week then shake up your look for the weekend without needing a different cut.

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